About us

Latectus is a wholly-owned company in the SEB Group, in many issues working together with the local SEB organisation, although independently managing our portfolio of properties.

Our portfolio consist of completed residential and commercial properties, development properties and land plots assigned for a variety of purposes.
The purpose of Latectus is to acquire properties which have been used as collateral for SEB loans. We do this by acquiring the properties in the local public official auctions, so enabling other interested buyers to participate and ensuring that a market price is paid.

We have the ambition to contribute to a healthy recovery and stable development in the property market. We will help ensure that the future market has professional organisations capable of supporting long-term positive development of the economies. Therefore, we actively work together with local construction companies, architects, engineering firms, developers, brokerage firms, law firms, facility managers and other relevant partners.

Our active management includes preservation as well as the development of our properties.

In all cases, we strive to ensure that the legal position of the property is as clear as possible, that all documents are in order and that a future buyer may acquire a property without any outstanding obligations.

For our commercial properties, we are actively looking for tenants. In many cases, the tenant could eventually acquire the property.
Asset and property management company BPT was selected by SEB Group to provide asset and property management services to its real estate companies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.